Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aussie shed

Went to a mate house about an hour from mine. I had to go through sugartown aka woodburn which is a town based around the sugar factory and a couple of motels, 1 or 2. Then onto some dirt tracks, dodging some roos and finding his house. Anyway ron told me he wanted to show me his midget racer. A vintage race car he is running off a 42 wla harley davidson. This thing is preety sweet all bends were done by melting led into tubes, letting them cool them bending them as if they were solids. When he had his shape he simply heats the led and watches it drain right out.
He had all these old tools like a gas welder and screw press which looked to be straight out of some 1950's factory.
Was a fun morning shame the chop wasn't up for the ride.

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