Monday, June 7, 2010

Show bikes versus real homebuilt bikes

I think its sometimes forgotten that you dont have make a show worthy bike to have a chopper. This is my buddy glenns bike. Although he hasnt finished it yet the state it is in im sure was typical of what many people rode back in the day. Im sure there is a whole gallery full of bikes that never made it to the magazines out there and i wanna see them. To me they are my favourite types of bikes. The ones with character obviously influeneced by the ones in the rags.
Am i influenced by my bike?probably. Just i can't afford a chromed out bike yet so i made do with what i got. Glenns bike is a
'Period perfect homebuilt chopper'
The sort that was built in the 70's by the average joe!
and as if Glenns bike aint cool as it is?

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