Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Breakdown part 2

In the back of his head he knew this was a regular road for all 100 people of his town so there was a strong chance that he would receive help in the morning. This wasn’t the first time Sam has been stuck on the road as a result of his bike, so he knew what to do. He left home around 4 so he had a short period of time before dark. Sam found scattered dry wood and assorted tumble week and went to make a fire. He tried to use the old method of two sticks followed by two rocks, both unsuccessfully. So he unscrewed his rear indicator to get to the bulb. He broke the glass of the bulb and using some wire and his battery, together he made a spark for his fire. That was the hard part down. Sam soon stocked up on whatever logs he could find and got comfy for bed. You see that was his secret to beat hunger, sleep and it usually worked. Getting late he lay back and watch a timeless part of nature, the sky as he slowly fell to sleep.

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