Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Breakdown part 1

‘What a day’ Sam thought to himself. He got on his v-twin and was hittin the road on his day off. He was a lone rider, no patch, no club just a passion for choppers. He lived out of town towards the flats where you could lose yourself within 10 miles of where you started, riding country. Sam found himself out past death bridge a well known place as it was one that a local outlaw just recently rode his bike off in an attempt to right himself with the good lord. He rode with his comfortable posture and smile as usual and heard something different than the usual long flowing wind. He looked down to see his carby hangin on by one bolt. Before he could apply life support to his iron horse, it went. He grabbed the clutch and pulled the bike to a stop. With fuel leaking everywhere he switched the petcock before running to see if any of his s&s carb was still together.
Cut like a cake in two Sam knew he was stuck. Amongst all the commotion he had forgot his sense of direction.
‘Man, looks like I’m here for the night’.

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