Sunday, May 16, 2010


Imagine this, a sweet, sunny Sunday afternoon, in a small urban community. Amongst the jungle of squares, lives Billy King, the man with the beard and bike. Unlike his community his pad was setup to rebel against the man in everyway he could, I mean really, compared to his neighbors he was nuts! His one story bungalow house had the doors, windows and locks turned open all the time, trash, mostly beer cans, scattered all over his lawn, which was only kept cut for his brothers’ bikes. Walk around the driveway and again another open door, his garage. This was his real home. I mean sometimes he sleeps in that old trash tunnel man, I swear things walk in their and never come out. My hammers’ in their somewhere. Yeah, Billy was the man, he was the typical stereotype of a biker, long black hair, nice friendly beard and of course the tattoos that many are just too afraid to get.

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