Sunday, April 25, 2010


The club house was just out of town, a one story villa with a wide veranda. The location was great for the club as it allowed the boys to make as much noise as they wanted but still were close enough to ride into town within minutes. Yeah it was Friday night and that meant party time, from 6 onwards all types of bike rolled up onto the front lawn all making their presence felt with loud revs, burnouts and screaming. Long into the night there were locals mixing with outlaws, beers spilt and RAPTORS MC painted everywhere.
As expected john q law made his appearance and it was up to Johnny knuckles to deal with it. As they approached the house Johnny would spit and toss his bottle on the ground before pointing the cops back to town as they were not doing anything wrong. But truth be told, if they were what
would the cops do?

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