Friday, April 2, 2010

Raptors MC

Mark was the only nomad member of the so cal chapter. He was an average sized guy who loved bikes, booze and booty. But more importantly he was searching for something, no one ever really asked him what it was or why he was always on the road but he had been around since the clubs birth. Members had assumed that he had a mental illness and that was his reason for being ‘weird’ which was quite a statement from the outlaws. Mark had a reputation for bar fighting across the country and was nothing short of hard core.
Without the club Mark would be lost, they were his family and to him no one was allowed to talk bad about the Raptors in front of him or they would suffer the consequences. A few years back some hippies were of their head talking smack about the club so Mark spray painted the club colours on their backs and tied them to street posts on the main street. It was that time of year and Mark was heading home, back to the club house, it was soon to be party time.

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