Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Raptors mc

Yelling and drunken rages were often the case that annoyed the local residents surrounding Turtles house. Turtle was the sgt at arms for the Raptors mc, a big guy he wasn’t scared of anything, in fact his house didn’t even have doors. There was always a bike or two parked on the front lawn of Turtles house usually next to his weight set that he kept out the front of his pad. It was getting close to 10 oclock and Turtle figured he better get himself out of bed and off to work. A big guy he was 120kg covered in tattoos, bearded and was named turtle because his colours were his shell, THEY NEVER CAME OFF
His chariot was a kick started shovel head and by the third kick he was warming his bike up loud enough to inform the neighbourhood of his presence. He then sat on his saddle where he took the last breath of breakfast before flicking his ciggerette to the ground. Kicked into first gear and he took off from his lawn onto the pavement and down the road like an angry horse. A true hard core member of the Raptors Turtle was known by everyone in town.

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