Friday, March 19, 2010

Raptors mc

Johnny Knuckles was often found riding through socal valleys on a Sunday morning, riding hard and riding loud. His ride, well what a machine, a rigid 56 panhead, done up to the shit, man was it sweeeeet, it was a great day to go riding and sure enough he was wearing his colours. Raptors Mc was the brotherhood of custom motorcycle enthusiasts that was founded back in the day and he was the president of the California chapter, The prez.
Coming to an intersection of old drive ins and fast food joints he was first on the line waiting for that green light. He knew he got stared at and he loved the attention. The caveman freaked people out, they didn’t know how to react to it and he loved it. As soon as green went the cars in front and behind heard Johnny as he revved his bike up enough to pop a wheelie at the lights leaving smoke, shock and horror behind him. Raptors Mc for life

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